Affinity Programs


The ASMC Foundation has secured group discounts for certain select products and services. In negotiating the group coverages, the Foundation receives an administrative fee, which is used to support the Foundation’s education, training, and research activities.


To be eligible to participate in these programs, you must be a member of either the Grocery Manufacturers of America, Inc. (“GMA”) or the Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association (“FSMA”), or an annual contributor to the Foundation.


The following is a summary of the ASMC Foundation affinity programs:



Data Access Program:



Access to customized data reports in 290+ IRI categories.



Discounted rental cars:


Hertz –

Members receive a 10% discount on Standard Daily, Weekly, Weekend, and Monthly Rates for all Car Classes and car class upgrades.



Discounted shipping and delivery services:



Members receive a 42% savings from major competitors on overnight shipping through the MemberComm Plus Program. Features include pick-up, computer tracking, and a.m. delivery.


Yellow –

Member savings of at least 52% on less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping.


Group insurance programs:


Group Life and Group Extra Life

Group Health Insurance Plan



Phone Service:

Sprint –

Members receive a 5% discount on Sprint’s already competitive rates, Small Business Performance Pledge, Caller Plus Bonus Points – rewards of travel, merchandise, and long-distance services.