ASMC Code of Ethics

WHEREAS, Sales & Marketing Agency members (“Agencies”) of the Association are committed to create and deliver supply chain efficiencies and best practices by collaborating with manufacturer/suppliers; and


WHEREAS, the Agency, through long-established performance, has proven to be the most effective method for delivering sales, marketing and merchandising services; and


WHEREAS, the Agency is the best informed and the most capable industry representative in each market;


NOW, THEREFORE, every Agency should adhere in good faith to the following principles of this Code:


1. HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. The foundation of the Agency’s business is honesty and integrity. Agencies should loyally and faithfully serve their Clients and always deal fairly with their Clients’ customers. No Agency should engage in any inconsistent or irreconcilable activity, or knowingly permit any transaction to occur through their Agency which is not fair to Clients and customers alike.


2. COMPETITION. The use by an Agency of any unfair or deceptive methods or tactics in competition with another Agency, whether for their Clients or for their Clients’ customers, is unacceptable. Agencies support the principle that all Clients shall have freedom of choice in the selection of the manner of bringing their products to market.


3. INDEPENDENCE. The nature of the industry dictates that no Agency shall, without the consent of its Client, be employed by, owned by, or controlled by or have an ownership interest in any Client’s customer while at the same time representing Client. Such relationships are inconsistent with the Agency’s capacity to fairly and honestly serve Clients and to deal equitably with all customers.


4. CONFIDENTIALITY. Since Agencies often possess confidential information concerning their Clients, faithful service to their Clients and reliable guidance to the Clients’ customers cannot be guaranteed if actions and opinions are tainted by breaches of confidentiality.


5. COMPLIANCE. Agencies should cooperate with governmental agencies in every proper way.


6. DISPUTES. All Agencies should accept the principle of arbitration in disputes between themselves and their Clients or the Client’s customers.