Sales Agency Community Unites Once Again as ASMC

The Association of Sales & Marketing Companies (“ASMC”) was originally organized in 1904 as the National Canned Goods and Dried Fruit Brokers Association; it subsequently changed its name to the National Food Brokers Association and then to the Association of Sales & Marketing Companies, as its membership evolved. The Association has historically represented the interests of Sales and Marketing Agencies (“SMAs”) and their manufacturing clients in the food, beverage, and consumer goods industry, advocating on issues and advancing the interests of their agency and manufacturer members, along with other key industry organizations.


ASMC has been reactivated to represent the common and collective interests of the sales and marketing agency community as a result of recent requests by a number of SMAs to provide a collective voice for the community in response to a number of current industry issues and trading partner initiatives that have significant implications to SMAs and their manufacturer clients. Recognizing the rapidly changing industry landscape, the sales agency community seeks to consolidate and combine their interests under the umbrella of one organization.


ASMC’s headquarters office is located in Washington, DC; it is comprised of independent, regional, national, foodservice, and international SMAs. Manufacturer clients also enjoy Associate Member status within the organization and have a voice on a number of timely and topical industry and trading partner issues. The Association will also affiliate with the Foodservice Sales & Marketing Association (“FSMA”) and its members. ASMC membership eligibility extends to other outsourced based sales, marketing, and merchandising organizations.


ASMC also has an affiliated research, education, and training foundation, which has produced many significant studies on the Value of Outsourcing. Information on the favorable new business findings of the outsourcing studies may be found at the Foundation’s website,


Economic volatility has directly impacted companies large and small, including the trade associations that represent them. Now, more than ever, there is a need for a collective and material voice on industry issues, attendant to SMAs’ unique and crucial role in the supply chain. For over 100 years, ASMC has addressed these concerns on behalf of its members, helping them grow their businesses and addressing and resolving some of the industry’s most significant challenges. ASMC looks forward to continuing that role and collaborating with partners and stakeholders throughout the industry.